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5 simple steps to get more business from Occupational Therapists

Explaining the unique features can only get you so far with Occupational Therapists, providing a limited amount of engagement. Creating a situation where you can immerse the OTs into the experience giving an opportunity to engage. This is why exhibitions such as the OT Show are so popular, they can gather essential information and go towards their research criteria. Why wait for these exhibitions, where your competition will be. Provide a controlled situation where you can build a stronger relationship.

1. A Structure

To do this you need a structure that can provide a stable canvas to display your products. A showroom is very useful but unfortunately that is not viable for everyone. A mobile structure is the other option but what about storage, transportation and venue? These are all things you must consider. That is why our mobile demonstration stand is a great alternative, we can provide the support that removes the behind the scenes issues. This portable solution can display all three of our products and stable enough for people to try. All you will then need to do is organise a space.

2. Plan the day

Now you have sourced a stand and venue, time to organise visits from local OTs. This is crucial that you get your timings right, so you have enough staff to engage with the OTs to answer questions and gather important insights from them. If everyone arrives at the same time their experience would not be as personal. Platinum can provide support you in this, with knowledgeable staff to answer any detailed questions and assist your staff about the products. Benefitting your business for the future.

3. Marketing material

After all your hard work ensure your guests know what to do next. Be as clear as possible, business cards, handouts and brochures. OTs are only human and can only absorb so much information, having a handout with key features and a simple call to action that apply to your audience which is people within the occupational therapy. They want clear information on what it can solve and how it is done, having this on a handout will be a great tool for them. Business cards are a very simple and affective method but don’t just rely on them as they are very easy to lose. Have your contact details on as much of your materials as possible. Occupational therapists love freebies provide pens, calendars, notepads or anything else you can think of. Ensure your contact details are on them and they are useful, keeping you in their mind always. Platinum can provide templates for you, on our products. All you would need to do is send a high-resolution logo and your brand colours, we will do the rest.

4. Build a Relationship

Once you have established contact you can progress with building a relationship. People need simplicity, keeping the process as clean as possible will encourage OTs to recommend and build a strong relationship with you. With this comes a level of respect that everyone values, listen to them, they will be happy to share. These insights are valuable for you in attracting new OTs and optimising your service. This is your opportunity to take the situations that have been discussed during the event and provide a solution, if you didn’t already at the event. Showing you have changed something in business due to what they said, will make them feel valued, demonstrate this if you can.

5. Contact digitally

A sign in sheet is great to see who turned up at what time, great data for the future to see the patterns for your next event. Adding an “add your email” column is great for you to send a thank you email, with links to your website, social media and digital version of your brochures. Due to GDPR you will need to state what you are using the email address for and can not force them to provide it. Be clear that they will receive a thank you email with digital brochure and other information that will benefit the attendee. Ensure staff mention the email section so they are aware what they will receive. The more touch points you have with your audience the more likely they will remember you. Elevaton want to assist with the growth of the business and can provide support within all the areas. If you are new to Elevaton please contact us through email or if you are a former customer get in touch with your account manager.


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